#1 REVIEW DIRECTORY – Water Damage in Glendale CA

If you are reading this it is quite likely that a pipe burst in your home or you left your water tap on by mistake, or it could be more serious – maybe a flood has swept through your property. Regardless of the reason why you are looking for water damage restoration Glendale CA, it is excellent that you have decided to contact a professional. Water damage can bring serious problems around the home; not only will it ruin a lot of your household items, it will seep through the floor and any other wooden and absorbent surfaces it comes in contact with. When this happens your home becomes a breeding ground for microbes and even worse, it can result in mold, which is extremely hard to get rid of. Your home could even end up condemned by the authorities.

The first thing that you should do when water has flooded your home is to shut off electricity from the source (at the fuse). This is so that you can prevent electrical shock accidents from happening – electricity travels through water and you or your family will get electrocuted if you step into the water. If there are any exposed wires it is best to call the fire department and let them shut the electricity off for you.

When you first get into the home you should move with caution – often, there are snakes, small rodents and reptiles hiding in the debris. If possible, you should wear rubber boots in order to protect yourself from any bites. Wear gloves as well – there may be contaminants in the home. It is also recommended that you wear protective clothing if you have some. Once you have assessed the damage you can then call us and we can help with the water damage repair and flood damage restoration.

Some people worry about the cost of making repairs and replacing household items after water damage has occurred in their homes. So long as you have been paying your homeowner’s insurance your insurance company should cover the cost of everything. That said, the speed at which you get compensated will be determined by how well you document the damage. Take photographs of everything that is damaged and collect as much information as possible so that the insurance company will have no reason to delay your claim.

It is important that you choose a water damage restoration company that can provide water damage repair Glendale CA and can help with water extraction Glendale CA carefully; remember, if they don’t do the job well you could end up losing your home because of mold and also structural problems. Our company has an IICRC certification. This shows that we have the proper guidelines and standards for water damage restoration.

You want a company that has the necessary experience in dealing with water damage Glendale CA. Choose a company that has been doing this kind of work for at least 5 years. They should have the necessary kind of equipment to ensure that everything in your house is dry, including drywall and insulation.

You also want a company that is well known for being speedy when responding to clients – the last thing you want is to be sitting in a flooded home for hours waiting for a water damage restoration company. If the excess water in your home was caused by flood damage Glendale CA, we can advise the best way to remove water from your property.

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